• Sienkiewicza-4
  • Sienkiewicza 4,

    The tenement house at Sienkiewicza 4 street was raised in 1912 on the order of Natan Morgenstern as one of several particularly splendid tenement
    buildings built on the terrain previously occupied by the former Hospital of Infant Jesus. The early-modernism tenement house was erected according to
    plans made by the supperb design and construction firm of Wacław Heppen and Józef N. Czerwiński and was later found as one of the best such
    architectural implementations in the city. In 1944 the house at Sienkiewicza 4 received severe bombing damage and lost it’s last floor together with
    the splendid original topping of the faccade. After the year 1960 the remains of the architectural details on the faccade and the courtyard elevations
    were removed.

    The restoration design with the reconstruction of the missing floors and the faccade was carried out by Proart office in 1998. The execution
    drawings were made in the scales 1:50, 1:10 and 1:5 according to historical photos found at the so called collection of the Report of Dimensions
    (historical pictures of Warsaw buildings made in the years 1937-1943) preserved at the City’s Conservator Office.